This is the Accumetra CT Image Quality Report upload page for individual CTLX1 phantom scans. Registered users can upload an archive with a single 3D CT DICOM series of the CTLX1 phantom. Contact Accumetra at to register for this service. All data must be placed in a single file archive using the zip format. Successfully uploaded datasets will be analyzed and a CT image quality report will be sent to the email address provided below.

This service requires that zip file uploads do not exceed 100MB and that users limit the DICOM slices in the upload to only span the extent of the CTLX1 phantom. Contact Accumetra at if you would like to exceed these limits.

Terms: Should the User find any deficiencies, issues, and/or problems with the reports or the data provided, in whatever their form or substance, then the User is required to contact Accumetra immediately with a detailed description of the issues. Upload of data to Accumetra shall be deemed an acknowledgement and acceptance of these conditions.

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